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To The World

I’m not a fan of this place because all I ever see on here is shit talking anons who destroy the confidence of friends, but it’s a good place to vent.  The world frustrates me sometimes. It’s so chaotic nowadays. Death here, death there. Sexism here. Racism there. This whole Ray Rice thing has been blown out of proportion in my opinion. First of all, I don’t condone the behavior but I don’t understand why he’s in so much trouble for this. Since when did we let peoples’ personal lives affect their professional ones? If you say since always you’re a liar because there’s a ton of people up in Hollywood and Washington who have engaged in illegal activities but for some reason they don’t warrant the scorn because they went to rehab or some poor excuse because that apparently makes it acceptable behavior. So all he would have to do is take a sensitivity class or something like that and be fine by that logic right? But he’s banned because of one lapse in judgement. Because humans are perfect right? If by all means you’ve never made a bad call in your life be my guest and hate him. If he had habitually hit her then yes I feel the ban is completely within the bounds of reason, but he deserves benefit of the doubt. This may change at a later date, but his wife seems to stand by him. Whether that’s out of love or out of fear we will probably never know. Michael Vick still has a career in the NFL btw.

Meanwhile, while all this is taking the spotlight, net neutrality is under attack and haven’t heard much chatter about it on twitter and whatnot. I used to believe that money was the root of all evil, but honestly I don’t believe that anymore. Money is just a means to an end. Greed is the real root of all evil. Why do billionaires need more money? Can you imagine just getting a billion dollars a year? You’d be set for life within the first month unless you have no self control. Even then it would be difficult. But why do Time Warner and all these other companies want to get rid of net neutrality? Why do they need more money? Is their ambition just endless? Why do people just want to take and take and take until there is nothing left but an empty husk? If you don’t really think it concerns you, your netflix speed will probably slow down to the point of dialup. I can’t watch all my Sunny on a dialup speed!

I’m also tired of seeing everyone I know always down, saying stuff like “I’m never good enough.” or “I wish I were dead.” If your mindset is always negative, how can you see the good in life? How can you look at all the people who care about you and say “Why am I alive?” That’s just selfish behavior. Depression is a real disease and if you think you have it, please see a doctor. But if you self-diagnose yourself, I despise you because that is just selfish behavior. Your friends and significant others deserve better.

I saw an ad for an organization called NoH8 today with some little kids from Ferguson, Missouri talking about how racism is still alive. The opening line of the ad was “Hi White People.” As if white people are the only ones who are capable of racism. The ad is so contradictory because it’s actually just spreading hate. But sadly, racism is still alive. It makes you think, have we actually accomplished anything since the civil rights movement or are we just running in place? Will we ever be rid of things like racism and sexism? It’s 2014 and we are still dealing with this kind of stuff.

Maybe it’s because we have our heads so dug in on social media and what’s the next hot phone or new piece of technology. I hate that I really can’t have a conversation with someone without being on my phone. It’s become impulsive and that shouldn’t be acceptable behavior. But we all do it. Is what everyone doing that interesting? All I do is talk about Kanye and music. It’s all irrelevant information. But we do it anyway. Why? We’ve become so skeptical of others too since the beginning of social media. It’s so easy to hide things on the internet, especially when it comes to unhappy couples. I watched a facebook message tear apart a 25 year marriage. That’s crazy to me. So much time invested in someone, and with two kids. The guy drove all the way to Wisconsin to confront his wife about it. Might be another reason why i’m skeptical towards love. 

Speaking of love, Kayla and my sister Breanna tell me I need a girlfriend apparently. But I really don’t want one, mainly because I just resent women a lot. I love the girl friends I have with all my heart, they are wonderful people and I especially appreciate Kayla because she will listen to my insane rants like this sometimes, but I’m tired of just not saying everything I feel out of fear people won’t like it. Any who back to resenting love interests. I generalize it because all the women I am ever interested in are either just terrible people or party girls. I guess honestly that says my taste in women is garbage and honestly I would agree with you. I guess that’s why I just stay single. Life is so much more focused and easier. I can do what I want, when I want. I just want to be the best possible version of myself, and a girlfriend would take away time from that. As Blake likes to quote me on “Relationships limit potential.” 

Ok I think that’s all my thoughts now. I’m gonna go do something productive and makes me happy for a couple of hours now.  

P.S. Yes the post title is a Kanye West song. Yeezy 4ever Blake.